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Bringing People Together

INDABA_TDAy2014The word “Indaba” is Zulu for “a meeting of the minds,” or a traditional gathering of tribal leaders for sharing ideas. When we launched the brand in 1996, we decided to name it “Indaba” to celebrate of the then-recent democratization of South Africa and to embody the notion of ‘coming together’.

Wine, in general, is very much a lifestyle and one that innately brings people together. Where wine is present, people flock and knowledge and opinions are shared. It is here that the basics of human communication can be observed. Think about the last time you had a glass of wine with a friend. Surely, thoughts were relayed and insight was gained.

Whether enjoying a bottle during date night, saluting an achievement, finding refuge after a hard days work, or toasting around the table to the holidays, wine is best shared with others. This season, after opening that bottle of Indaba, we ask you to take notice of the relationships built and conversations held over that glass of wine.

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