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Pumpkin you Say, Chardonnay we Say

The pumpkipumpkin risotton craze is bigger and better than ever this year, with pumpkin flavored spices, sauces, dips and even chips. Walk down any grocery isle this season and there’s bound to be something pumpkin-related stocked on the shelves. While it may not be everyone’s cup of tea (there is pumpkin tea!), it has become the unofficial flavor of fall and a fun one to experiment with and explore.

While some may go the in-your-face pumpkin route, we tend to opt for more subtle main courses that appeal to palates around the table. One of our favorites is pumpkin risotto; the dish warms our souls without overwhelming the senses. Its creamy texture washes down beautifully with a glass of Indaba Chardonnay, as the wine’s aromas of apple, honey and butterscotch bring us further immersed into the season. Chardonnay’s versatile profile also lends itself to a range of dishes in the pumpkin-sphere, from stews to sweets.

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